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New art uploaded...

2012-11-26 13:36:55 by BostonJax

I just uploaded a few pics I did over the weekend of the Zakim Bridge, which is located here in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. I finally did some work with the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop... I'm quite impressed with the results. Let me know what you think. I have another one to upload as well, I am just waiting to load it up. For some reason I keep getting an error message when I try to load it.

This is the next one I am having trouble loading... what'cha think?

New art uploaded...


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2012-11-26 14:52:39

Cool, ^^

BostonJax responds:

I think so, I wish I could upload it. I keep getting the error message?


2012-11-26 16:41:38

awesome jax