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11/23/12 by BostonJax

Hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday this year.

My family & I will be celebrating our Thanksgiving on Saturday afternoon because my grandmother will be released from her rehab & we post-poned our dinner to be able to have it with her, as a family.

I'm interested to hear what everyone else's dinner was like.
Share your experience, menu or stories if you'd like... I truely would love to hear them.


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where you been jax you haven't been on it awhile

11/26/12 BostonJax responds:

Been busy with the holiday. I've bounced on here & there to deposit my rating points but that's about it. I should be on today for most of the day though, in between my house cleaning & laundry.

it was fun. I am not hing like the rest of my family